S&R Resources, LLC Rescue Deck®

The best system to save piglets

Young Pigs in Rescue Deck

More than a decade ago, in 2003, S&R Resources LLC designed Rescue Decks to aid nutritionally struggling piglets in reaching an optimum survival weight. Throughout the years, the system has been systematically improved and is today considered to be the premier model for boosting litter survival rates in piglets - especially since improved breeding techniques are creating larger litter sizes. Larger litters lead to nutrition challenges and increased risk of crushing and mortality. The Rescue Deck system helps ensure the entire litter survives and thrives. This means faster growth and more live hogs to market. That means more profit for your hog operation.

An independent trial of nearly 3,000 pigs using the Rescue Deck showed an 18.8% improvement in feeding efficiency and a 3.5% reduced mortality over the competing system.

The Rescue Deck is designed to be strong, sturdy and comfortable. It is made of heavy duty plastic with reinforced cross beams. The design of the system allows for ease in cleaning. Metal framing provides strong support for secure installation. The entire system is easy to install and manage with minimal waste.

Our Rescue Deck differs from the competition in the following ways:

The Rescue Deck is installed in the farrowing room. Each stand-alone unit is designed to help in rearing up to 12 pigs to 20 days of age, at which time the pigs will have reached a weight that will allow them to join a group of weaned litter-mates. The decks are installed above the farrowing crates, allowing for ease of management and maintenance by workers.

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