Welbourne Rescue Fountain

The newest water saving solution for the swine industry.

Saves Money: Reduce Water Cost • Reduce Medical Cost • Reduce Waste Removal Cost

The Rescue Fountain, by Welbourne Innovastions, Inc. is a patented float operated liquid fountain which prevents pigs from overfilling water pans and bowls.

The Rescue Fountain is Hassle Free

How it works: The Rescue Fountain can be suspended into any pan bowl or wet dry sow feeder through means of an inverted pipe. The fountain has a built in float mechanism. When the water level is below one inch depth the fountain is open and as the pig nudges the valve the water exits the bottom of the fountain. When the water level exceeds one inch the float rises into a chamber preventing water from exiting.

No guessing if it is working correctly • No Adjusting • No Cleaning • No Pressure controls • No Waste • No worries!

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